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Merlin Project: Focus on Current Activities

News from the Support team

Project management is not only a buzzword for you and you plan your projects on mac or iPad with Merlin Project? Then you probably already know that every project goes through different stages from start to finish. First you define your project. Then you determine the tasks required to plan it. After that you and your team start executing it and the project manager monitors its progress. Finally your project is completed, hopefully successfully.

Project Stages

So let's presume you are done with the first two phases. Now in project execution's phase you are interested in the actual timing and need to know what comes first, what happens next, what is in the current week or day. How can Merlin Project assist you?


iPad presentation mode


The iPad is becoming especially in business more and more popular. Many professional and useful apps are available for the iPad. In this blog you will learn how to use the iPad on an external mode to present the content.


Mission accomplished: Merlin Project on the iPad is functionally identical to the Mac version

News about Merlin Project

With version 8.1, Merlin Project on the iPad reaches a very special milestone: all the features of the Mac version are now also available on the iPad. This makes switching between devices even easier. Take your iPad with you to the construction site or project meetings as a lightweight companion. Merlin Project on the iPad is now in the same league as Merlin Project on the Mac.

After less than two years of intensive development, Merlin Project on the iPad has caught up with the Mac version. Started this race in March 2019 with version 5.1, the features gradually came to the iPad. The order of development was a colorful mixture of planning and customer requests. Users can view the current status of each version on the website Included Functions.


Posted by Frank Blome on February 2nd, 2022 under Products
Tags: iPad

I ran 4 marathons, what did I learn?

Marathon 2021

I ran my 4th marathon some days ago. Because of the Coronavirus, I ran solo, on a route I've chosen, as a virtual race, on the day it suited me. I was prepared and it was hard nevertheless. 42.195 KM (26.2 Miles) are never easy. The route tests your endurance, fitness and commitment. Not only on start, not just by little. It's always a challenge.

So now after having completed the task and the training for this event is done, while the body is in recovery mode, it's time for the mind to do the retrospect and set new goals. What went well? What went wrong? What did I learn? What do I do the next time? Will there be a next time?


The mobile manager - Part III

Merlin Project on the iPad - Specials

Congratulations, you are not only a Project Manager, you are a mobile manager!

We've already established what an awesomely challenging job you have. You juggle with execution, planning, and closure of projects. You keep track on your deliverables so they ideally stay on time, budget, and within scope. You need to be completely hands-on but also flexible to react promptly and accurately on professional demands. You might already know, how Merlin Project on the iPad was developed to serve your professional requirements.

Allow us to introduce you to some more features of Merlin Project you as mobile manager need to know.


Posted by Vicky Stamatopoulou on May 18th, 2021 under Project Management
Tags: merlin-project iOS iPad

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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