Merlin Project

The Heart of Project Planning.

Every project starts with a plan. It’s even better when this has a sound hierarchical structure. You'll be amazed how Merlin Project develops a precise project plan before your very eyes, as if by magic – also as a Gantt chart.

The most beautiful project diagrams can be found in Merlin Project. Especially the Gantt chart is not only clear, but with its different colors for planned and real or expected values extremely useful and chic!
— Frank Reinhardt.

Activities and Milestones

Within minutes, Merlin Project lets you create complex activity structures with dependencies between individual activities and groups, set the duration of individual activities, and define fixed milestones.

Activities and Milestones in Merlin Project

The Organizational Chart

If you’re after a graphical Work Breakdown of your project, you’ll love our Organizational Chart. It makes it a breeze to understand the hierarchical structure of your project plan. That’s why this view, called WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), is still the standard in project planning.

The Organizational Chart in Merlin Project

Utilization and Current Availabilities

Can you utilize existing resources better? Is there potential to achieve resource synergy in other projects. The Utilization view lets you see at a glance who is doing what, when, and how much in one or multiple projects – and how you can better distribute tasks. Thanks to the resource pool, changes from single projects are sent in real time and shared with all projects that are also using the pool.

Utilization and current availabilities in Merlin Project

Scheduling and Costs

You can do far more than just define the project plan in the project Work Breakdown. In Merlin Project it also serves as your scheduling and cost planning tool. Here you can enter budgets and the actual costs for activities, respond to schedule changes, and update the project’s progress. This means you have an overview of scheduling at all times and can respond specifically to changes.

Scheduling and Costs in Merlin Project

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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