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ProjectWizards firmly believe that great software empowers people to accomplish complex tasks with ease. The company was founded in 2002 by Frank Blome and today is considered an industry pioneer in intelligent project management solutions for the Mac.

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  • Merlin Project’s user friendliness and intuitive functions: The single-user interface and side panels help you create Gantt charts quickly and easily, and add all the details about project activities. Merlin Project captures the spirit of the Mac platform in helping you complete diverse tasks seemingly effortlessly.

  • We’re a small team that puts all its energy into delivering the best project management software for Mac and iOS – for you. We frequently update the application based on customer feedback and also welcome feature requests.

  • We’re proud of our legendary customer service that excels in terms of speed of response and quality, with customers typically waiting no more than 4 hours for a reply.

Selected Press Releases

How It All Started – Or The “Making of Merlin”


“Back in 2002 when I founded my consultancy under the name ProjectWizards, I opted for Apple. I did this for security reasons and because of the outstanding quality of the computers even back then. On top of this, with MS Office v. X there was a good basic supply of software around. However, when it came to project management, ProjectWizards’ main activity, there were no satisfactory applications for Mac OS X. Following my own evaluations, I therefore decided to get a project management software solution developed. This was the beginning of Merlin.”

— Frank Blome, CEO ProjectWizards GmbH (Read the whole story)

Frank Blome

Frank Blome

Frank Blome is the founder and CEO of Project Wizards. He founded the German company in 2000 as a consultancy. With over 20 years of project management experience, he initially provided strategic and operational services for companies of all sizes. From this ProjectWizards developed into a software company that today offers the leading professional project management solution for the Apple ecosystem. In his spare time Frank Blome likes playing the guitar and hitting the racetrack in his Porsche.


  • Patented "Methods and system for syncing data structures" for our synchronization technology in February 2018
  • Mac User Award 2008 in the Best Business Software category
  • Mac World Editors' Choice Award 2007
  • Merlin 1.0 Initial Release 2004

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