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Merlin Project For The Mobile Project Manager

Apple's magic tablet attracts everyone. Whether you pass it around like a piece of paper in a meeting, appreciate its light weight when traveling, or use it as an intuitive tool and let your fingers fly over its glass: Everyone loves their iPad.

The iPad version of Merlin Project puts your projects at your fingertips: move Gantt bars and Kanban cards with just one finger and effortlessly swipe through even large project plans. Brainstorm with the project team to create a mind-map and manage resources or create meaningful reports. Merlin Project for iPad is up to any challenge. Of course, we also support Apple Pencil and handwriting recognition in text fields.

Our patented MagicSync synchronizes all project data with all devices. So if your tablet is already in the meeting room, but you want to make one last, quick change, it's no problem. Change it on the Mac - by the time you get to the meeting, everything is synced.

Even otherwise, you can do almost everything with the iPad version that is also possible in Merlin Project on the Mac. Take a look at the feature comparison.

Gantt Chart in Merlin Project on the iPad
Merlin Project Mind-map on the iPad
Merlin Project Kanban Board on the iPad

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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