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Merlin Project

Start your project with a mind map.

(pageintro) A mindmap does not help you to despair immediately at the first hurdle: the empty sheet. Especially when brainstorming, this tool is a fantastic tool to encourage your creativity. Produce groundbreaking ideas in your team. With just one mouse click you can switch to the Ganttchart.
(/pageintro) (columns...) ## The Mind Map The Mind Map in Merlin Project is exactly the tool you need no whether if prefer a structured approach when planning your project or if you often plan projects together with your customers. Create your project plan as a Mind Map, and Merlin Project will transfer your entries automatically into the project Work Breakdown. ++++ (lightboximage:mindmap_en.jpg width: 400 class: alignright title: The Mind Map in Merlin Project) (...columns) (columns...) ## The Organizational Chart If you’re after a graphical Work Breakdown of your project, you’ll love our Organizational Chart. It makes it a breeze to understand the hierarchical structure of your project plan. That’s why this view, called WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), is still the standard in project planning. ++++ (lightboximage:organigram_en.jpg width: 400 class: alignright title: The graphical Work Breakdown in Merlin Project) (...columns) (columns...) ## The Net plan The traditional schedule in Merlin Project lets you focus entirely on dependencies between activities. The logical display of relationships between activities helps you in creating the underlying project structure and even in checking the critical path. ++++ (lightboximage:netplan_en.jpg width: 400 class: alignright title: The net plan in Merlin Project) (...columns)

The Merlin Project magic now also on the iPad

Kanban, Mindmap and WBS on Mac and iPad. Try now for 30 days for free.