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Merlin Project is the industry standard for project management on macOS and iOS. Clients from various industries work with Merlin Project and love it for its ease of use and scalability.


These and thousands of other companies plan their projects with Merlin.

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Dec 14

Where do I see the cash flow of my project?

It's not rare that our customers ask how they can display the cashflow in Merlin Project. It's easy and done with just some simple clicks. We've put together a short tutorial to show you how to proceed. Merlin Project calculates the expected costs' cash flow of your project in the 'Work Breakdown…

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Dec 07

Obfuscate a project before sending it to support

Merlin Project is intuitive and straight forward. Should you however have a question and cannot find the answer, neither in the documentation, nor in the FAQ section, you can always reach our Merlin support by email. Eventually we will ask for a copy of your project file to support your request.…

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Nov 22

Editing Resource Units

You already often used resources as type Person in your projects. Do you need other resource types for your planning? In Merlin Project you can also define Company, Equipment and Material resource types using the inspector. Material resources are special and require a Material Unit. You may choose…

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