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Merlin Project Express

What is Merlin Project Express?

(pageintro) Merlin Project Express is _the_ most intuitive project management app for the Mac. As the (link: ../merlin-project/features text:slimmed-down version) of (link: /merlin-project text:Merlin Project 5) it’s been optimized for home and semi-professional users. Only work on projects occasionally? Then subscribing to Merlin Project Express is precisely for you. You only pay when you actually use the app. Subscribe to Merlin Project Express via the (link: text:Mac App Store popup:yes). The first two weeks are free of charge. Alternatively, you can get the app from (link: text:Setapp popup:yes) – the first subscription service for Mac apps. The first 7 days are free there. With both services you can try out Merlin Project Express in your own time. (/pageintro) (anchornav) - [Work Breakdown](#work-breakdown){#work-breakdown-small} - [Resources](#resources){#resources-small} - [Attachments](#attachments){#attachments-small} (/anchornav) ## Work Breakdown {.aligncenter .circle #work-breakdown} ### Plan like magic {.aligncenter} (columns...) #### Create your project plan in just a few minutes Every project starts with a rough plan. It provides you with an overview of who needs to do what by when so that you can realize your project successfully. Merlin Project Express makes it easier than ever to create precise project plans. You define the tasks, arrange the elements into a sound structure, and set milestones. In just a few clicks, you’ve created a project plan. ++++ (lightboximage: structure_en.jpg title: Work Breakdown in Merlin Project Express) (...columns) ## Resources {.aligncenter .circle #resources} ### Someone’s got to do the work {.aligncenter} (columns...) (lightboximage: resources_en.jpg title: Resources in Merlin Project Express) ++++ #### No resources = no project! Merlin Project Express imports people, companies, and materials involved in your project from other applications. If, for instance, you drag & drop contacts from your Mac address book into your project, the person will be available as a resource – including the person’s picture, if there is one. Want to know what costs a resource generates? No problem! Simply set the hourly rates or budget, and Merlin Project Express will calculate the costs for the project, individual tasks, or resources. (...columns) ## Attachments {.aligncenter .circle #attachments} ### The smart way to store additional info {.aligncenter} (columns...) #### Just like an email attachment Where do you add all that additional info that’s part of your project? Drag & drop makes it a breeze to attach emails, texts, images, and much more besides to tasks. You can add costs and notes later on too. And if documents change, that’s never an issue as Merlin Project Express remembers every version! This lets you bundle all relevant information in one place: Your project plan. ++++ (lightboximage: attachments_en.jpg title: Attachments in Merlin Project Express) (...columns) (columns...) (assetimage:logo_maclogo.jpg width:50) (...columns)

The Merlin Project magic now also on the iPad

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