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About us

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ProjectWizards GmbH, Melle, Germany
Phone: +49-5422-959208
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🇬🇧 Our Partner In The United Kingdom:

LgoKnowledge Ltd., London/Swansea
Phone: +44-203-390 5549

🇩🇪 Our Partners In Germany:

Brainworks Training, Munich
Phone: +49-89-326764.50

Kathrin Lamm, Hamburg
Phone: +49-175-761 8715

🇨🇭 🇫🇷 Our Partner In Switzerland:

Prefix, Neuchâtel
Phone: +41-32-535 7945

🌎 Other Countries:

Are you a project manager, trainer and know Merlin Project? We are always looking for new partners to bring the benefits of Merlin Project to local customers.

Reach out to us.

We’re available whenever you need us via email, and we’ll always get back to you within a few hours. Put our expert support team to the test! Please understand that we cannot offer any telephone support.

The Merlin Project Magic on the Mac and iPad

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