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Merlin Project is the standard for project management in many industries. For 15 years, customers in over 130 countries have been using our flexible app to plan, manage and control their small and large projects: From a simple birthday party to tours of great world stars, from a small family home to large objects in space or from the development of a website to special software used worldwide.

Increase your quality and efficiency with Merlin Project - almost as if by magic!

Architecture & Construction

Forget construction time management with Speadsheets. Use the right tool for all trades. The modern way of construction time planning and project monitoring is so intuitive, so simple, so fast as never before.

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A good, well-founded education with suitable tools is very important to us, therefore we support pupils, students as well as teachers and lecturers for project management classes.

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Media & Agencies

The work in a media or advertising agency is constantly exposed to changes. The task of project management is to achieve the goal within the planned time frame, within the approved budget and in the required quality.

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Not a project manager

You don't see yourself as a project manager? Planning and organization accompany us everywhere - at work, at home, at hobby, etc. It is connected with a certain time pressure and sometimes even with considerable cost pressure. Software can help to arrange and organize processes.

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All Industries

In almost every industry, processes have to be planned and organized or deadlines have to be monitored. It is part of everyday professional life. PM software is therefore also a valuable tool in many other industries.

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The Merlin Project Magic now also on the iPad

Gantt Chart, Kanban and Mindmap on Mac and iPad. Try now for 30 days for free.