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Annotations & Comments

It is not uncommon to stand in front of a wall: "I know exactly that we have decided something, but unfortunately I no longer know why!" The problem is clearly visible to everyone. Documentation in a project is important, but is often forgotten. That's why we have created a way to quickly and easily write down all notes on activities and milestones.

Merlin Project takes project collaboration to a whole new level! Especially if you work in remote teams, in different offices or even from home.

Annotations in Merlin Project

What Can Be Commented in Merlin Project?

Append your annotations & comments to all important parts of Merlin Project:

  • Project
  • Phases and groups
  • Activities
  • Milestones
  • Resources, including those from a resource pool
  • Assignments
  • Checklists
  • Events
  • Files
  • Information
  • Issues
  • Risks

How Do I Work With Annotations?

Anyone who has ever looked at the workflows in Merlin Project will quickly see how quickly you can boost your team's productivity:

  1. select an activity and insert a new annotation in the Note Inspector.
    1.After synchronizing, the yellow bell signals to everyone that a new annotation has been created.
  2. clicking on the bell leads the user to the latest annotation.
  3. if the project is located on a cloud storage, all participants automatically receive the new annotation
You work in distributed offices?
Thanks to the annotation function, far fewer e-mails and meetings are necessary for additional work.
This significantly increases your productivity!

Of course you use the constructive contributions of the project team in all view types and view configurations!

A detailed manual for the annotations & comments can be found here.

What Are the Benefits of Annotations in Merlin Project?

If you work consistently with the comments, you will find many use cases and use cases to further qualify your project. During the development phase, the annotations have quickly established themselves in these areas:

  • Project review, phase review and especially review of individual activities and milestones
  • Forwarding of customer comments on a project component
  • Explanation of the contents in a mind map
  • Corrections in the project flow
  • Justification of decisions

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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