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The work in a media or advertising agency is constantly exposed to changes. New customer wishes, production times that deviate from the plan, backlogs in the schedule due to lack of material from other trades or service providers. Test free of charge now.

Merlin Project for media or agencies

The task of the project management is to achieve the goal within the planned time frame, within the approved budget and in the required quality. In the end, the customer and the team should be satisfied.

The basis for successful project management is that the responsible project manager keeps track of the project with the changed framework. Merlin Project is your software for the organization of integrated projects and 360° campaigns.

With project or customer-specific templates, your team can quickly integrate new project plans into the agency's well-established workflows. The input of project-specific data is no problem within a few minutes.

Company holidays on the customer side? Bridge days? Holidays? These are stored individually for each customer in a calendar and thus the schedule automatically adjusts itself as if by magic.

Merlin Project for media or agencies

With Merlin Project, you can present complex campaign processes in a clear and concise manner, highlight dependencies and illustrate your milestones in the overall project to the customer.

The project plan is up-to-date because you can map the constant postponement of delivery dates and releases with just a few clicks. So you always have a status overview, add your notes and open points or to-do's to it.

Thanks to the filters, extensive overall plans are quickly reduced to the required information. You maintain the entire project in one file. If desired, extract the relevant section for viewing by your customers, service providers or the team.

Regardless of the applied project management method, Merlin Project allows you to map your projects in waterfall or agile. If required, the Kanban board is created and available in the same document as the classic Gantt chart. 

In the mindmap view, the project managers collect the important work packages and sub-projects at the beginning of a project, directly in brainstorming with the creative people. With just one click, a project plan is created. Merlin Project makes efficient work easy. You can then assign the tasks of customers, service providers and partners in the project plan simply by dragging and dropping them.

Merlin Project for media or agencies

Your customer works on a PC and has MS Project on his side? No problem. You can easily import their mpp files and export everything even after your work for Microsoft Project.

Finally the parallel updating of several documents has an end: in a Merlin Project file you maintain timing, status and capacity planning. Thanks to the new resource pool, you manage the team in a central file that all project managers work on in their project plans.

The icing on the cake: Merlin Project lets you create project plans in the client or agency CI. Save a different template for each client and design project plans that match the agency's look and feel.

Start your free test now and convince yourself. If you have any questions, please contact our support by email for advice and tips.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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