I Am Not a Project Manager!

Merlin Project Express - Task Planning for Non-Project Managers

You do not see yourself as a project manager, but do you find yourself in the following questions?

  • Why am I drowning in work?
  • How do I find someone to whom I can delegate work?
  • Why do I have to structure my tasks at all?
  • How do I find the right order for my tasks?
  • How do I know how long a task takes to complete?
  • Does this "Getting Things Done" help me with my work?

Even if you don't use the terms of the project manager, you still ask yourself the same questions and have the same goal: to complete tasks within the given time, at the planned costs, with the existing helpers.

Planning and organization accompany us everywhere: at work, at home, at hobby, etc. This planning is connected with a certain time pressure and sometimes even with considerable cost pressure. Since we cannot and do not want to duplicate ourselves, we need a sequence of events so that we can cope with our tasks at some point. Just as we like to keep our heads above the water while swimming, we also want to do our planning - if possible without overlapping.

How Do You Do Your Job?

You're doing everything on good old paper. Why should you pay money for software? However, this presents you with other hurdles: The pen isn't at hand, the paper is at home, oh and then there's a draft of wind 🙂 ...

How Do You Plan Your Time?

You use your calendar - where is it now again... There are many appointments in it, but which ones are important? Be careful that no tasks overlap. An overview would be nice...

Do You Work Alone, or Do You Get Help?

You can count on your friend. He says: "Sure, what should I do?", you know when he has time, but how do you plan him in? Which tasks should he do for you without slowing you down?

So Better Going With a Software Solution?

There is an app for everything, a suitable software which supports you with the administration of your tasks, the planning and keeping of appointments, the scheduling of helpers. If it is then still simple, manageable, and as intuitive as possible to use, the tasks will be done almost by themselves.

Of course you don't want extensive professional software of which you only need a fraction of the functions anyway.

Let's Introduce: Merlin Project Express

As the little brother of Merlin Project, the proven project planning app on Mac, Merlin Project Express offers a reduced feature set for project management novices as well as users with a small budget. It is optimized for private and semi-professional users.

Have the courage to try Merlin Project Express 30 days for free. You can find the software in the Mac App Store, but also at SetApp, the first software subscription service on the Mac.

It's really not hard to get started with Merlin Project. Here is a short video from our YouTube page:

See for yourself. If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to provide you with advice and tips per email.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

Your ideas, our magic – make projects easy! Test now 30 days for free.