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Trade fairs, congresses, marketing campaigns, corporate events, public festivals, concerts, festivals, sporting events and even small and large private celebrations - no industry is as diverse as the event industry. Guests and visitors usually only see the result, i.e. the event itself. But before such events can be held, there is the planning and organization. The bigger an event is and the more participants it has, the more important is the concrete strategy for a target-oriented organization. The work involves varied appointments, exciting tasks and diverse clients.

Events enable and encourage people to meet, establish personal contacts and bonds, arouse emotions and thus create a positive atmosphere.

Event goals

Not all events are the same. Events have different objectives, from which the "event design" and the event form are derived. The event design is determined by didactics, methodology, form of communication, sequence of events, venue and event location, e.g. by the availability of rooms or technology, and is the basis for the event form. Not forgetting the distinction between commercial events, which are intended to fulfill an economic purpose, and non-commercial events, by which private events are usually meant.

Phases of event planning

Regardless of the event objective and category, every event consists of several phases and different players are involved in each phase.

Idea phase

At the beginning, the idea for an event is outlined and refined. This includes preliminary discussions with partners who support the implementation, information about required documents and the preparation of a feasibility study.

Planning phase

The planning phase includes coordination with the authorities. The goal is to obtain a completed permit, determination or notice. Depending on the event, further concepts may be required and requested by the authorities.

Implementation phase

Once the official procedure has been completed, implementation can begin. Contracts with service providers must be concluded and personnel must be acquired to ensure that the event runs smoothly. The requirements must also be met. During this phase, there may be repeated discussions with the stakeholders involved.

Implementation phase

The implementation phase includes the set-up, the event itself and the dismantling. If necessary, the official procedure includes a release and an acceptance at the end of the event.

Follow-up phase

In the follow-up phase, the event is evaluated. This includes communication, evaluation of the number of visitors and negative as well as positive effects. The aim is to identify possible improvements for the next event.

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Project templates make it easier to start a project. Some templates are already built into Merlin Project, but you can always extend the list yourself.

Whether agile with the Kanban board or classic with the work breakdown structure, the individual phases can be mapped perfectly in Merlin Project. Even on the road at the event location, you always have all the important information with you on the iPad. So nothing stands in the way of a successful event!

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