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No Windows version for Merlin Project?

Merlin Project Windows version?

With our project management software, users on Mac, iPad and iPhone turn big ideas into reality in a surprisingly simple way. Whether it's a small or complex project, Merlin Project provides answers to all your questions about planning, managing and controlling your projects. It's intuitive to use and customizable to your individual needs.

We decided early on to focus on Apple operating systems, as this is where we see our strengths. Merlin Project is software developed natively for Apple's macOS, iOS and iPadOS operating systems.

This is a challenge for companies where only Windows computers are used; because currently no Windows version of Merlin Project is planned.

But maybe you own an iPad?

The iPad version of Merlin Project is already a professional project management solution that includes almost all the features of the Mac version. You can plan and manage projects on it completely autonomously even without the Mac version. Have a look at the feature comparison between the Mac and iPad version.

Download the iPad version in the App Store and test its functionality 30 days for free.

Or why not switching to a Mac right now?

With over 150,000 software licenses sold to customers from a wide range of industries in 160 countries worldwide, we are one of the market leaders for project management software on Mac. So maybe you should consider switching operating systems after all?

For collaboration with customers and colleagues in the Windows world, Merlin Project has a variety of import and export formats.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

Your ideas, our magic – make projects easy! Test now 30 days for free.