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How to Master Your Work Week: Project Management Software For Individuals

Project management software for individuals

Whether you work in a team or as an individual, you face challenges that hinder your workflow. In our blog articles The biggest challenges as a solopreneur and 10 common challenges in project management, we've already addressed this and also discussed possible solutions.

However, there's one point we'd like to shed some more light on, and that's how project management software like Merlin Project can help you manage your work week as a solopreneur.


Posted by Stefanie Blome on September 22nd, 2021 under Project Management
Tags: individual personal-kanban roi kpi smart-goals

Merlin Project 8.0.1 Is Released

News about Merlin Project

We have just released the version 8.0.1. This free update is important for Merlin Project.

  • Update your Mac versions in Merlin Project for free with "Check for updates…".
  • The version for the iPad and iPhone will be released after review in the App Store automatically.

We have also updated Merlin Project Express. The new versions will be provided in the Mac App Store or at SetApp – right after its review.

You can find the minimum system requirements here.

Posted by Frank Blome on September 15th, 2021 under Products
Tags: merlin-project merlin-project-express release

Merlin Project Integrations

Quickly link information with Hook


As an experienced project manager, you are well aware. Even if project management is universally applicable, every industry is different, no two projects are alike. Therefore, you surely are familiar with the following situation too:

You are working on a new project and need information from various sources. Your search on the intranet or internet is sooner or later successful and you actually find everything you need for the planning of this project. Now you want to keep sources and documents together for documentation purposes, or your own filing system, so that you can find them again as quickly as possible at any time. What to do?


Posted by Vicky Stamatopoulou on September 14th, 2021 under Products
Tags: integrations hook collaboration

macOS Hints: Keep Your System up to Date


A Mac is only as secure and functional as its installed software. It is recommended to update the system continually, it protects against security vulnerabilities and system problems. An up-to-date system runs smoothly and safely. With the free tool Silent Knight all security and system-relevant components are checked for their topicality and updated if desired.


Posted by Antoni Cherif on September 10th, 2021 under Products
Tags: macOS security silent knight EFI ROM updates macos-hints

Dynamic Help In Merlin Project 8

Balloon-Help of the classic Macintosh System 7

We asked ourselves what we could do to make Merlin Project even easier to use. So we considered and discarded again many new and old concepts of user guidance. At some point, the Balloon Help of the classic Macintosh System 7 caught our attention and we realised that Apple still uses this technique in current applications like Logic and GarageBand.

We took this idea as basis and brought it to a modern state. Thus, the new Merlin Project version 8 is all about ease of use.

At the first greeting, you immediately see what it's all about.

Dynamic Help In Merlin Project

Posted by Frank Blome on September 9th, 2021 under Products
Tags: dynamische-hilfe balloon-help bubble-help Version

The Merlin Project Magic on the Mac and iPad

Gantt chart, Kanban and mind map on Mac and iPad. Test now 30 days for free.