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macOS Hints: Set System Language


Since the first version of macOS the operating system of Apple is multilingual. Thus it can be used in a variety of languages. Merlin Project offers in its settings separately the options for the language.

With the following steps you change the language of macOS:


Posted by Antoni Cherif on April 26th, 2020 under Project Management
Tags: macos-hints system-language

Practical Tips for Remote Working

The reactions to the first two blog entries on the subject of home office have amazed me. Actually, up to now I was of the opinion that the majority of brain or computer workers are able to switch to remote work without any problems. Far from it, because the opposite is the case.

We want to continue to support remote workers. This series will be continued and additionally we offer workshops for employees as well as bosses.

Let us talk today about a first collection of practical tips.


Posted by Frank Blome on March 24th, 2020 under Project Management
Tags: home office remote-work

Dos and Don'ts for Online Meetings

Etiquette for Web Conferences

Especially now, when many have moved to the home office due to the COVID-19 corona virus, virtual meetings via the web are part of everyday business life. After all, even in these times the exchange with colleagues and the contact to customers is important.

But even before that, this form of conference was already considered flexible and efficient, as well as being environmentally friendly by eliminating business trips. However, a few basic rules must be observed to ensure that such online meetings really do increase productivity.

For experienced web conference participants, some of the following tips may seem banal, but experience shows that even the seemingly obvious is often forgotten.


The Home Office: Project Management Organized Decentrally

In the coronavirus environment, it was only a matter of time before I was asked about our organization and working methods. "You lucky guys do home office, don't you?" Yes, right from the start. Even before Merlin 1.0 saw the virtual light of day, ProjectWizards was decentralized for a variety of reasons. However, at the beginning in 2004 we were not called "happy" but more like "hobby" or "crazy". Today we have over 15 years of experience and during that time we have built one of the world's best project management apps for Apple operating systems. And I am very proud of that!

But the question came to me from a very special motivation. Now that unfortunately the first deaths of the corona virus have been reported in Germany, one becomes more thoughtful in one's professional life. How important is the joint office for certain professional groups. What can be done from home or any other place. For us, for example, the Internet is the key factor. As long as you have a reasonably wide network, the world is fine for us. Of course, there are many industries where it is different. Often you just have to be "on site".


Posted by Frank Blome on March 11th, 2020 under Project Management
Tags: Project Management home office

macOS Hints: Zoom


In macOS the zooming of contents is a function which allows to recognize more even on smaller screens.

With the following steps you can set the zoom:


Posted by Antoni Cherif on March 10th, 2020 under Project Management
Tags: macos-hints zoom

The Merlin Project Magic on the Mac and iPad

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