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Dos and Don'ts for Online Meetings

Etiquette for Web Conferences

Especially now, when many have moved to the home office due to the COVID-19 corona virus, virtual meetings via the web are part of everyday business life. After all, even in these times the exchange with colleagues and the contact to customers is important.

But even before that, this form of conference was already considered flexible and efficient, as well as being environmentally friendly by eliminating business trips. However, a few basic rules must be observed to ensure that such online meetings really do increase productivity.

For experienced web conference participants, some of the following tips may seem banal, but experience shows that even the seemingly obvious is often forgotten.


Why Excel Harms Your Project Management

... And Why You Should Use a Professional Project Management tool

Even today, many companies still use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as project management tools. Certainly because the software is already in use and the employees are familiar with it. But also because entering data in rows is easy. And finally, there are many free Excel templates to download and you can use them to create Gantt charts, diagrams and graphs. Excel is a powerful software for managing financial data. If you are completely satisfied with your team's productivity, communication and collaboration, you don't have to change anything. But for most teams, this is not the case.

The 2016 study "The High Cost of Low Performance" conducted by PMI showed that only 62% of all projects met their original business objectives in terms of scope, budget, time, etc. So if you want your team to complete projects faster and with fewer errors, work more efficiently and with fewer conflicts, adapt quickly to unforeseen factors and therefore save a lot of time and money, then you need a real project management tool.


Posted by Stefanie Blome on March 9th, 2020 under Project Management
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10 important skills for effective project management

Everybody can deepen and broaden his knowledge in project management with a certification However, the success of a project is not only based on such hard skills or job-typical qualifications. Especially personal, social and methodical competences, so-called soft skills, determine professional and personal success.

But what skills do you really need in project management to stand out from the crowd? Which help you manage your projects efficiently. We have listed the 10 most important skills below.


Posted by Stefanie Blome on March 2nd, 2020 under Project Management
Tags: soft-skills capacities

Project Related Terms You Should Know

Peter Drucker Quote

Written by the well-known management consultant Peter Drucker, this piece of wisdom is relevant not only, but especially for project managers. Effective project management is about breaking through the clutter and focusing on the things that have the greatest impact on the end result of the project. The cornerstones that keep your project going. It's no use optimizing the details if your core process is flawed.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Posted by Stefanie Blome on February 21st, 2020 under Project Management
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The Construction Schedule As a Tool For Planning A Construction Project

Construction Schedule with Merlin Project

The construction schedule, also known as the construction calendar, is an aid for the construction manager who has to coordinate the construction process in such a way that the work of the individual trades can run smoothly and interlock without long, time-consuming breaks. The construction supervisor makes all entries in the construction schedule that are necessary for a secure time schedule. Deviations from the construction schedule are often associated with high costs.


The Merlin Project Magic on the Mac and iPad

Gantt Chart, Kanban and Mindmap on Mac and iPad. Try now for 30 days for free.