Merlin Project

Like an Attachment to Your Email

With the extensive attachments in Merlin Project, you always have your project file at hand. As easily as the attachment of an email, you'll manage this additional information that you can attach to tasks, assignments or resources.

Each of these attachments also has its own inspector to perfectly classify the information. Custom fields and custom tags support you just as comments & notes do. The cost of the attachments is of course aggregated to the transaction cost.

Attachments in Merlin Project

Your 6 Attachment Types

File Attachment

Files: The classic - attach all sorts of files to your project or associated task. Double-click to start the associated program for further editing. If you wish, Merlin Project can even handle versioning for you.

Checklist Attachment

Checklists: Not every task list needs to be broken down into individual activities. Organize smaller tasks with checklists, or use them to document your workflow. An excellent tool for your own quality assurance.

Events Attachment

Events: Manage upcoming project deadlines or the occurrence of a defined state in the course of the project, without this influencing your time planning. Even the participant status is organized here.

Information Attachment

Information: Our small CRM in the project. You note here all accruing and further information and URLs, so that they are not forgotten. Of course you structure your information with your own categories and status.

Issues Attachment

Issues: Unfortunately, the world is not perfect and issues are part of everyday project life. Attach issues that occur to tasks, group them by topic or due date. That way, they'll be ready for the next jour fixe.

Risk Attachment

Risks: Risk management is the supreme discipline in project management. You use a predefined, but generally valid procedure, in which you evaluate the risks, classify them and observe them in the course of the project. This way you are always well prepared.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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