Without the Paperwork Simply… Herein!

Currently, restaurateurs and shop owners need to collect the contact details of their guests, visitors and customers. This means that each guest fills in a form at each visit. Our app Herein! saves both of them this tiresome registration process.

Without the Paperwork Simply… Herein!

Herein! on the phone

It is annoying to repeatedly fill in forms and lists! And how quickly did a stranger get a look at your address and telephone number? We don't like that either and have developed the app Herein!.

Leaving your contact details has never been more convenient. You install the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and enter or select your address once. Herein! turns your contact into a QR code. You simply have it scanned - in clubs, restaurants and all shops supporting Herein!

The protection of your data is important. They remain on the operator's devices.
There is no central storage.

In addition, you can store the QR code on the iPhone in your wallet. This allows you to show your contact data by double-tapping the page button or the home button. Via the wallet app, the code even appears on your Apple Watch.

Your advantages

  • Convenient: Create a personal QR code once, use it in many participating restaurants.
  • Works everywhere: No online connection required.
  • Data secure: Storage of personal data only at the restaurateur, not in the cloud.
  • Hygienic: It is touch-free - no pen and paper.
  • Uncomplicated: Stall the host for the QR code, scan it, done!
  • Price: For you, as a visitor and guest, „Herein!" is of course free.

Herein! on a Apple Watch

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You install the app on the iPhone or Android smartphones and enter or select your address once.

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Do you have further questions? Please write us or have a look at our collection of questions and answers.

Our Tip:

Everywhere where you as a customer or guest have to fill out a form!

The app Herein! helps everywhere: bars, hairdressers, inns, restaurants, homes, hotel bars, beauticians, manicure and pedicure studios, nail studios, restaurants, sports clubs, organizers, associations and many more ...