Without the Paperwork Simply… – Herein!

Currently, restaurateurs and shop owners need to collect the contact details of their guests, visitors and customers. This means that each guest fills in a form at each visit. Our app Herein! saves both of them this tiresome registration process.

For you as gastronomer or shop owner the paper forms have many disadvantages: they are openly viewable by everyone, the pens have to be disinfected, the paper gets wet, everything requires additional bookkeeping.

Offer your guests and yourself a high level of comfort and save everyone involved from having to deal with the paperwork.

Activate the owner mode in the app Herein! and scan the contact data of your visitors, customers or guests when entering via a QR code. The data will be stored on the smartphone or tablet PC used. There is no central storage. The annoying paperwork and pen disinfection is no longer necessary.

Advantages for you as gastronomer or owner

  • Known: Customers already know the system from many other participating restaurants
  • Works everywhere: No online connection required.
  • Fast: No disinfection of lists and pens
  • Data secure: Local data storage on own devices. There is no central storage.
  • Uncomplicated: Super-fast log-in: Enter table number - scan - done!
  • Very cheap: One-time costs only, no matter how long the regulation lasts


The app Herein! is available for iPhone & iPad and also for Android smartphones.

We have prepared print templates for your entrance area, which you can download here free of charge. Do you have further questions? Please write us or have a look at our collection of questions and answers.

Everywhere where customers, visitors or guests have to be registered!

Whenever you need an overview of your present guests, customers and visitors, the app Herein! is your helpful partner: bars, hairdressers, inns, restaurants, homes, hotel bars, beauticians, manicure and pedicure studios, nail studios, restaurants, sports clubs, organizers, associations and many more ...