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Merlin Project: Where to change the calculation unit for durations?

You use Merlin Project to schedule your projects and keep track of work, resources and cost? Then you already know how to enter new activities, define them by 'Given Work' or 'Given Duration' as required and/or assign resources. So let's assume that you have two activities; defined one by 13 hours, the other by 4.5 weeks of given work.

You need now to show - maybe for reporting reasons - 'Planned Work', 'Expected Duration', etc by activity or assignment. So you enable the desired column(s) in the outline or Gantt. Merlin Project calculates the information, uses the statistic work values and selects the unit coming nearer to the entered values. That shows the first activity by a planned work of 1.62 days, the other by 1.12 months.

How to have all work or duration units the same, for example in 'days'?


Merlin Project: Where to enter travel costs?

You use Merlin Project, Merlin Project Go, or Merlin Project Express to schedule your projects and keep track of work, resources and cost? Then you already know where to check finance information for your various activities.

You need now to record travel costs and don't know where or how to enter them?


App Store: Subscription not working for your app

You have downloaded Merlin Project, Merlin Project Express, Merlin Project Go over the App Store?
Your subscriptions are managed by Apple's App Store. To view, cancel or manage them you should follow the directions offered by Apple.

Your active subscription is not appearing in your app?
You cannot start a new subscription?


Which Merlin is the right one for me?

That's a good question. It depends on what you want to do with Merlin and on your hardware.

Merlin Project

The full featured application for project management on the mac is Merlin Project. This is the app you should buy if you require the pro features.


Project Management with a bit of Magic!

Merlin Project combines traditional methods with Kanban.