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Project management is not only a buzzword for you and you plan your projects on mac or iPad with Merlin Project? Then you probably already know that every project goes through different stages from start to finish. First you define your project. Then you determine the tasks required to plan it. After that you and your team start executing it and the project manager monitors its progress. Finally your project is completed, hopefully successfully.

Project Stages

So let's presume you are done with the first two phases. Now in project execution's phase you are interested in the actual timing and need to know what comes first, what happens next, what is in the current week or day. How can Merlin Project assist you?

In Merlin Project, you may customize the view of your project and enable date columns, or simply switch to accordingly preconfigured ones. The application offers 'Schedule' views with outline and a Gantt chart showing the activity bars or diamond milestone icons in the timeline, as they are scheduled. If you are interested in the info on an assignment level and by resource, just switch to Assignments > Schedule.

Need some optical guidance on the current week or day?

Highlight the Gantt Unit

For the Gantt chart to highlight the current week, day or month you've chosen to organize your project's timeline, simply enable the visibility of current time unit in the inspector showing the time scale options. When browsing the Gantt, this highlighting allows you to easily identify the current time unit and concentrate on the parts of your project you need to set your focus currently.

Merlin Project - Current Time Unit

Highlight Current Week's Activities

Need more visual queue and want Merlin Project to automatically highlight current week's activities?

  • You can define a style condition checking if the expected range overlaps with this week:
Merlin Project - Style Condition 'overlaps with this week'

That means, if there is work between the expected start and expected end of an activity within the selected time period. In this case the current week.

  • Select this custom condition in the By Rules tab of the Styles inspector.
  • And format your Gantt elements as desired.
Merlin Project - Customize Current Week's Tasks By Rule

Merlin Project views are highly configurable, so you can customize them to suit your needs or your corporate design theme. For more inspiration on possible styling options, see the Special Design Options section of the project templates page on our website.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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