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Merlin Project: Calendar as visual reference not affecting planning

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You use Merlin Project to plan your projects? Then you already know how to set the Project Calendar in Merlin Project.

In case you don't - You'll find the Project Calendar in the Project Settings.
New documents come with following pre-defined calendars: Standard, Night Shift, 24 hours. By default the Standard calendar is selected as project calendar. So the tasks of your project will be scheduled within 8 hours distributed 8am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm Mondays to Fridays.

How should you proceed if you have a calendar that should only serve as a visual reference for planning certain work?

  • Open the Project Settings.
  • Switch to the Calendars tab.
  • Make sure that the Standard calendar is set as the project calendar.
  • Click on +.
  • Give a descriptive name to the new calendar; for example, Spring Break.
  • Select your new calendar in the list.
  • Click on Exceptions.
  • Click on +.
  • Insert the desired time spans, which you want to visualize.
Special calendar with Exceptions

Time Scale

  • Click on a row in the time scale of the Gantt chart.
  • The corresponding inspector will show.
  • Select the Spring Break calendar for the option Based on.
Time Scale - Based on Option

Personalize the style for Non-working time

  • Perform a secondary click on a non-working time range (light gray) in the Gantt.
  • From the context menu select Style and Content -> Non-working time.
  • Adjust the background color as desired.
Customized settings for non_working time information driven by a special calendar

Through this setting, Merlin Project will use the vacation calendar only as a visual reference and will not take it into account in the planning specifications.

Gantt uses a specific calendar for visual reference

Posted by Peter Meier on March 15th, 2021 under Products
Tags: merlin-project-express merlin-project support macOS

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