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Mission accomplished: Merlin Project on the iPad is functionally identical to the Mac version

News about Merlin Project

With version 8.1, Merlin Project on the iPad reaches a very special milestone: all the features of the Mac version are now also available on the iPad. This makes switching between devices even easier. Take your iPad with you to the construction site or project meetings as a lightweight companion. Merlin Project on the iPad is now in the same league as Merlin Project on the Mac.

After less than two years of intensive development, Merlin Project on the iPad has caught up with the Mac version. Started this race in March 2019 with version 5.1, the features gradually came to the iPad. The order of development was a colorful mixture of planning and customer requests. Users can view the current status of each version on the website Included Functions.

In version 8.1, the style system on the iPad is now also on the same status. While project documents could previously only be styled with fonts, shapes and colors on the Mac, this is now also possible on the iPad. Once again, care has been taken to retain the iPad's own operating concepts.

In addition, Merlin Project has been given a special function on the iPad: If the interface is transferred to a TV via AirPlay (screen mirroring), any view can optionally also be displayed in full-screen mode. In this case, the operating elements are hidden and only the project data is displayed on the TV.

Screen mirroring via AirPlay in Merlin Project on iPad

From now on, both applications run on an equal footing during development. Only where the operating system specifies a special path, individual solutions are realized.

But not only the iPad version benefits in this release. Merlin Project on the Mac has also seen a lot of changes. In this version, however, essentially under the hood. The quality has been drastically improved in many places and even entire areas - such as linking project documents - have been significantly optimized.

Last but not least, the Family Sharing was enabled in the App Store for both apps.

Download, Test and Prices


Merlin Project for Mac can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and tested with full functionality for 30 days. After that, a subscription can be purchased for €16.99 per month or €169.99 per year.


A limited version can be downloaded from the App Store as Merlin Project Express for €4.99 (monthly) or €49.99 (annually). The free download is followed by a 14-day trial period.


Merlin Project für iPad is available for €9.99 (monthly) or €99.99 (annual) in the App Store. The iPhone version is included in this price. There is also a free download and a 30-day trial period for this version.

Posted by Frank Blome on February 2nd, 2022 under Products
Tags: iPad