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Templates vs. Library

When to use the library instead of templates.

Templates contain the complete structure of a project. When saving a template, there are options to keep the actual values, user and styles of the original project.
When you create a new project from a template, you get a new file with its own Document ID. Just save and enter a new file name. There you go.

So use a template to get easily and free of conflicts complete new projects.

Another case is when you have recurring parts in one project you would like to use in different files. That could be groups with activities and resources.
You drag the groups to the library.
In a different project simply drag the group(s) of your choice back into the outline.

The library is a recycling-kit for different project snippets.

Posted by Peter Meier on November 30th, 2016 under Products
Tags: merlin-project support library templates

Start managing your project with Merlin Project even faster now

Many enhancements on our website

Over the last weeks we again have updated our website. There have been enhancements or at least optimizations in almost every area. These are the most important innovations:

  1. The most extensive modification affects the documentation. Here we have extensively filled the section "The Quick Guides for Merlin Project".

  2. Rate now our Questions & Answers and the Release Notes by "thumbs up" or "thumbs down". In addition you may display all topics and answers in an own page (see the system requirements as a sample).

  3. The revised reseller page now offers the company logo and a direct access to the individual store. We could win further ambassadors.

  4. In our trainings list you may now also find some free events. Look out for the green ribbon in the image's corner.

  5. The first project templates can be purchased. Currently we offer four selected topics. There are more to come.

    • Key Account Management
    • Music Production
    • Video Production
    • Tour Itinerary

Posted by Frank Blome on February 29th, 2016 under Products
Tags: merlin-project documentation templates

The Merlin Project magic now also on the iPad

Kanban, Mindmap and WBS on Mac and iPad. Try now for 30 days for free.