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Industries That Work with Merlin Project

Education & Training

Education & Training

Learning does not end after classical school education and the following vocational training. It is advisable to continue to be inquisitive and to further your education.

The education and training sector offers a wide range of opportunities in general, political and vocational training. Lifelong learning is not just a buzzword. Adult education includes training, courses, seminars, workshops, postgraduate studies, qualifications and coaching as classroom or digital online offerings.

No matter in which form, in which area or for which industry the offer is intended, a well thought-out planning is necessary across the board. A division into individual phases is very helpful and can be easily implemented with Merlin Project.

Learn more about our solution for project management in the education and training industry.

Merlin Project Trainings Online, On-Site Or Individual

Merlin Project Trainings

The use of a software is always a challenge. Are you sure you are using it optimally? Do you use all functions to achieve best results? How do you learn to use it in the most efficient and fastest way without wasting time? A software training can give the necessary impulse.

For the Merlin Project trainings we work together with various hand-picked partners who use our software themselves in their daily work. The trainings take place online and on site. The contents are standardized but can also be customized.


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Online Trainings in French

French Merlin Project Trainings

Since this year we can finally offer our customers French trainings in addition to the online trainings in English and German language. These trainings are conducted by our Swiss partner Philippe Lauper.

As the founder of Prefix, Philippe Lauper supports his customers with project management guidance and training. He also organizes and moderats team building workshops.


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Sharpen Your Skills by a Project Management Certification

A guide helping to decide which certification suits best for you

Project Management Certifications

A certification in project management is a good opportunity to deepen and broaden your skills. The project management industry is growing rapidly, with many opportunities for advancement. The skills acquired through project management certification will help you in almost any business or management position. So not only you, but also your employer can benefit from it.

Regardless of whether you are already working in management or are aiming for promotion, project management certification is a smart way to expand your skills through continuing education. There are certificates for project managers at every level of professional development.


7 Tips to Find the Right Project Management Training

Find the Right Project Management Training

If you want to advance your career in project management, you have to invest time in personal and methodical development. The best managers have one thing in common: They are constantly learning new skills.

Here are 7 tips how you can find the right project management training and achieve your career goals.


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