Industries That Work with Merlin Project

Information Technology (IT)

Industries using Merlin Project: Information Technology

Nowadays, information technology products can be found almost everywhere. Be it the computer, smartphone, watch, car, but also other everyday things like the light switch or the coffee machine. Even children's toys can no longer do without integrated technology. Accordingly, the IT sector has become increasingly important.

Careful planning is also very important in IT projects in order to keep an eye on time, budget and costs. As the standard for project management in many industries, Merlin Project is the tool of choice for successfully planning, managing and completing projects here.

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Industries That Work with Merlin Project

Education & Training

Education & Training

Learning does not end after classical school education and the following vocational training. It is advisable to continue to be inquisitive and to further your education.

The education and training sector offers a wide range of opportunities in general, political and vocational training. Lifelong learning is not just a buzzword. Adult education includes training, courses, seminars, workshops, postgraduate studies, qualifications and coaching as classroom or digital online offerings.

No matter in which form, in which area or for which industry the offer is intended, a well thought-out planning is necessary across the board. A division into individual phases is very helpful and can be easily implemented with Merlin Project.

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Industries that work with Merlin Project


Merlin Project for the event industry

Whether planning, designing and implementing a theme evening or organizing a trip to motivate employees, the range of tasks in the event industry is diverse. Events enable and promote the meeting of people, establish personal contacts and bonds, arouse emotions and thus create a positive mood.

The range of activities extends from artist selection, room booking and idea generation to the preparation of the schedule. The bigger an event is and the more people are involved, the more important is the concrete strategy for a target-oriented organization. The work includes varied appointments, exciting tasks and diverse clients.

On Mac in the office or on iPad on-site at the event location, Merlin Project is the perfect companion for the event organizer, event manager, event technician and anyone else who works in this industry.

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Industries That Work with Merlin Project

Music, Concerts & Touring

Merlin Project for the music, concerts and touring industry

When you think of the music industry, you have an image of brightly shining stages before your eyes. However, most of the work takes place away from the glamour, backstage, in the recording studio and in planning.

Every record, every concert, every tour is an independent project in which many people work together: Composers, musicians, sound engineers, producers, concert promoters, tour managers, etc. They all have one goal: the project must be carried out at a specified time, all people have to be there on time and the budget should be kept as much as possible.

Working in the music industry requires a certain stress resistance and always a cool head. Everyone has to be prepared for breakdowns, misfortunes and mishaps. If the amplifier suddenly fails in the middle of a concert or the sound disappears in a live broadcast, you have to be able to react quickly and improvise. So the necessary risk management is an important factor - but with Merlin Project this is no problem.

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Industries That Work with Merlin Project

Media & Agencies

Industries using Merlin Project: Media & Agencies
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Merlin Project is the standard for project management in many industries. As different as these industries are, they have one thing in common: projects should be successfully planned, managed and brought to completion.

They are considered the creative ones: the media industry. Communication, advertising and design are a hobby-horse of theirs. The industry is huge and is constantly changing - accelerated by the advancing digitalization and technologization of recent years.

Whether your field of activity is media design, media management, media informatics, media science or media technology, Merlin Project's dynamic approach perfectly supports you in your work. Planning becomes child's play and you can concentrate on the essentials: Your customer and the content.

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