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Industries That Work with Merlin Project

Music, Concerts & Touring

Merlin Project for the music, concerts and touring industry

When you think of the music industry, you have an image of brightly shining stages before your eyes. However, most of the work takes place away from the glamour, backstage, in the recording studio and in planning.

Every record, every concert, every tour is an independent project in which many people work together: Composers, musicians, sound engineers, producers, concert promoters, tour managers, etc. They all have one goal: the project must be carried out at a specified time, all people have to be there on time and the budget should be kept as much as possible.

Working in the music industry requires a certain stress resistance and always a cool head. Everyone has to be prepared for breakdowns, misfortunes and mishaps. If the amplifier suddenly fails in the middle of a concert or the sound disappears in a live broadcast, you have to be able to react quickly and improvise. So the necessary risk management is an important factor - but with Merlin Project this is no problem.

Learn more about our solution for the music, concert and touring industry.

Posted by Stefanie Blome on June 23rd, 2021 under Project Management
Tags: industries music concerts & touring

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