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Merlin Project 5 Workflow Tour

Learn How to Organize Your Agile and Traditional Workflows in Your Projects

Even if it is currently in beta phase, with the advent of Merlin Project 5 we are entering new grounds. This is the very first time that a Mac application can switch seamlessly between traditional and agile project management.

While traveling to San José, CA for for the WWDC, Frank Blome, CEO of ProjectWizards gives only three of his rare talks: New York, San Francisco and San José.


Posted by Frank Blome on May 17th, 2018 under Project Management
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Merlin Project Business Briefing
in New York

New York City

We are happy to announce the 1st Merlin Project Business Briefing. Although this is not a training session, Atul Gupta of Gupta Consulting will provide a detailed insight into the feature set of Merlin Project & Merlin Server. Best practice for use and implementation as well as all available support opportunities.

Whether you want to learn more about Merlin Project & Merlin Server or are considering upgrading/switching, then this briefing is for you. Meet our business partner Atul Gupta on May 2nd 2017 in New York City.

The fee to attend this event is $99 per attendee. Register now and save your spot. All attendees will receive a discount coupon for purchase Merlin Project only.

Posted by Frank Blome on April 26th, 2017 under Events
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The Merlin Project 4 US Road Show

These free of charge and interactive events will introduce Merlin Project as the leading project management software on Mac and iPhone. We will guide you through the strengths of Merlin Project, Merlin Server and how they are working together. Of course you will have plenty of time for Q&A and networking.

Merlin Project US-Tour 2016

Posted by Frank Blome on June 17th, 2016 under Events
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ProjectWizards Shows News at PM Welt in Munich!

PM Welt in Munich

Die eintägige, von Standards und Zertifizierungen unabhängige Projektmanagement-Veranstaltung wendet sich an Projektmanager aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum und findet am 26. April 2016 in München-Dornach statt. Auf der PM Welt erfahren die Teilnehmer kompakt und praxisorientiert, worauf sie bei der Projektarbeit achten müssen, wie sich schwierige Situationen erfolgreich meistern lassen und welche Trends sich gerade im Projektmanagement entwickeln.

Aussteller und Sponsor

ProjectWizards ist nicht nur als Aussteller vertreten, sondern unterstützt diese Veranstaltung auch durch unterschiedlichste Maßnahmen. Denn dieser Termin ist für uns sehr wichtig! Schauen Sie in den nächsten Wochen öfter mal rein.

Frühbucherrabat nutzen

„Wir haben schon jetzt sehr gute Anmeldungszahlen. Beeindruckend finde ich vor allem, dass sich so viele Mitarbeiter namhafter Konzerne angemeldet haben – vielfach sogar ganze Projektteams“, freut sich Regina Wolf-Berleb, Veranstalterin der PM Welt und eine der beiden Geschäftsführerinnen des Projekt Magazins. Wolf-Berleb rechnet mit bis zu 400 Teilnehmern und empfiehlt Interessenten daher eine zeitnahe Anmeldung - nicht nur wegen des Preises, sondern auch wegen der begrenzten Kapazitäten:

Posted by Frank Blome on January 19th, 2016 under Events
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Merlin Project at the Bavaria Filmstadt Studios

Jan. 26, 2017, 12 AM to 3 PM

There’s a really special opportunity to see the latest Merlin Project and Merlin Server updates and highlights on January 26, 2017 between 12:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Together with Chris Heil, Frank Blome, CEO of ProjectWizards, will present the "MVT" project management solution for the music, video, and touring industry.

  • The MVT templates make planning music productions, movies & videos, and tours a breeze, keeping things on-track in a way that’s easy to understand, and always clear and reliable.
  • They allow simultaneous planning and collaboration between musicians, management, studios, tour managers, bands and roadies, actors, directors, and the film crew.
  • Every project participant is always kept updated on timings, the budget, and the production status via iPhone, iPad, Mac, or web browser.

The event is free to attend but seats are limited – so to avoid disappointment click here to register.

Posted by Frank Blome on January 9th, 2016 under
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The Merlin Project Magic now also on the iPad

Gantt Chart, Kanban and Mindmap on Mac and iPad. Try now for 30 days for free.