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Merlin Project: Time Saver on New Projects

Workflow "Shortcuts"

News from the Support team

You plan your projects with Merlin Project? Then you already know how to start a new project file. On macOS you call File > New. With the iOS app, you tap on Create Project in the locations.

Do you want to brainstorm on the tasks of your new project or have existing lists from files of third-party applications and want to import them? Start with an empty document. A preconfigured template matches your project scope? Select it and let Merlin Project show you the schedule of the required tasks.


The Merlin Project Templates are Here


Since today you can finally find project templates in the support section of our website. This extension was planned for a long time and could now finally be implemented. So I personally have already kept one of my New Year's resolutions 😉.

The templates are sorted according to different topics. The languages in which a template is available can also be easily identified by flags in the text. You will find professional templates, such as for the construction industry, personal projects and even exotic ones, such as planning a fundraising event with auction and wine tasting – certainly a very American topic.

But also templates that are only available as project files are included. Here the emphasis is more on the content and design in Merlin Project. As an example I would like to emphasize the work sheet for the creation of a content marketing strategy or our informative and very nice overview of Scottish Whiskys:

Take a look at all templates via the "Preview" in the browser and download them to your Mac as Merlin Project files or templates. This service is completely free for you.

Our support team is inquiring:
Have you also designed an interesting project and would like to share it with others? We are looking forward to it! If your project is published by us, we will award it with a Merlin fan box. We would be happy to refer to you as an author. As for example with this project.

Posted by Frank Blome on January 9th, 2020 under Project Management
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