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The use of a software is always a challenge. Are you sure you are using it optimally? Do you use all functions to achieve best results? How do you learn to use it in the most efficient and fastest way without wasting time? A software training can give the necessary impulse.

For the Merlin Project trainings we work together with various hand-picked partners who use our software themselves in their daily work. The trainings take place online and on site. The contents are standardized but can also be customized.

LgoKnowledge Ltd., Swansea, United Kingdom

LgoKnowledge Ltd., London/Swansea, United Kingdom

LgoKnowledge specializes in helping businesses manage themselves using Apple solutions. Gareth Watson and his team do not see themselves as an IT company or business consultants, they are kind of both. LgoKnowledge sits right in the middle, and work with businesses and organisations of all types and sizes to improve how those customers work and embrace technology, to help run more efficiently.

LgoKnowledge provides Merlin Project training (remote, public and on-site), help and customization. They are also the creators of the Merlin-Daylite-Link. Last but not least they offer a Merlin Cloud hosting service to collaborate better on projects, with all the benefits of Merlin Server but none of the hassle of hosting your own server.

AGRASYN Consulting, Glendale (CA), United States

AGRASYN Consulting, Glendale (CA), United States

AGRASYN Consulting is a boutique business and technology consultancy offering productivity and management tools for Mac customer relation managment and Mac project management, as well as full specter of IT consulting and IT support services. Their experience and knowledge of the MacOS, Daylite, Merlin Project and business management is what sets them apart from the rest.


In addition, you will find general instructional videos about Merlin Project and various features included in it in our ever-growing YouTube-Kanal. YouTube channel). Our support area also offers many quick guides and questions and answers. Use the search to find the content you need.

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