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Kanban is a form of visual project management. It is popular with product, development and software development teams, but in principle can be used anywhere. Learn what Kanban is and how it works for your projects in this blog post.


Posted by Antoni Cherif on August 19th, 2022 under support
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PM Trend: Resource Planning

Merlin Project

According to recent studies and surveys, resource planning in project management is becoming more and more popular. The trend is reflected in an increased demand for professional tools for project management, on Apple products Merlin Project sets benchmarks here.

In this blog post, we'll look at important aspects of the development of enterprise-wide resource planning.


Project Management Trends

Merlin Project

Project management is gaining more and more importance worldwide. The trend is reflected in an increased demand for project managers:inside and the professional tools for project management, which include on the Mac Merlin Project.

In this blogpost we will look at three important aspects of the development of project management.


Merlin Project and ISO 21500

ISO Standard 21500

In this article you will learn about ISO standard 21500, applying already to this standard when using Merlin Project and thereby creating projects.

Basic concepts

ISO standard 21500, entitled "Project management guidelines", is published from ISO.


The Home Office: Project Management Organized Decentrally

In the Coronavirus environment, it was only a matter of time before I was asked about our organization and working methods. "You lucky guys do home office, don't you?" Yes, right from the start. Even before Merlin 1.0 saw the virtual light of day, ProjectWizards was decentralized for a variety of reasons. However, at the beginning in 2004 we were not called "happy" but more like "hobby" or "crazy". Today we have over 15 years of experience and during that time we have built one of the world's best project management apps for Apple operating systems. And I am very proud of that!

But the question came to me from a very special motivation. Now that unfortunately the first deaths of the corona virus have been reported in Germany, one becomes more thoughtful in one's professional life. How important is the joint office for certain professional groups. What can be done from home or any other place. For us, for example, the Internet is the key factor. As long as you have a reasonably wide network, the world is fine for us. Of course, there are many industries where it is different. Often you just have to be "on site".


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