Merlin Project and ISO 21500

ISO Standard 21500

In this article you will learn about ISO standard 21500, applying already to this standard when using Merlin Project and thereby creating projects.

Basic concepts

ISO standard 21500, entitled "Project management guidelines", is published from ISO.

This standard describes the terms, fundamentals, processes and the process model in project management. Thus, it is particularly well suited as a guide for creating and planning your projects.

Merlin Project

The standard offers you comprehensible introduction to project management. In it you will find all the descriptions of terms and processes, used within project management in practice.

Generally applicable

The descriptions contained in ISO 21500 are generally valid and can therefore be used by private, governmental or community organizations and companies for all types of projects.

Firstly, it contains terms and abbreviations playing a fundamental role in project management. Thus, ISO 21500 is an excellent compendium for use when creating project plans.

For example, you will find the terms activity, baseline plan, work breakdown structure and stakeholder in it. These terms are fundamental to project management and being a Merlin Project user they are already familiar to you.

Topic groups

Another chapter deals with topic groups that are elementary to the design of the project. Below are some of the topic groups helpful when creating a project:

  • Contents
  • Resources
  • Time
  • Cost

Adding attachments in Merlin Project plan, the topic groups Risk, Quality, and Communication are also not entirely new territory.


The standard also covers project management processes, so you quickly build a project plan based on these processes and track its subsequent progress.

Merlin Project project template

To get started, you will find a project template in Merlin Project that follows the processes described in the standard. Launch Merlin Project and select the "General Project Management Plan" project template as new document.

Successor version ISO 21502

With ISO 21502 a successor version of ISO 21500 is available in English language since 2021. Its contents lead to an extended project management matrix.

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