The iPad Is Getting Closer and Closer to the Mac

Professional Project Management on the iPad Is a Reality Thanks to Merlin Project

Merlin Project on an iPad Pro

With the release of version 7.2 yesterday, Merlin Project on the iPad has moved even closer to the Mac version. Another important milestone on the way to the same functionality on Mac and iPad has been reached.

The new features:

  • In the project settings, you can now specify the formats for the outline and WBS codes, as well as edit the value lists for attachments and resources.
  • Via the new item "Edit..." in the view menu you can create and manage your own views.
  • Via the new item "Edit..." in the column set menu you can create and manage your own column sets.
  • From activities with planning conflicts you can now jump directly to the list with all conflicts via the context menu.

Of course, the problems known from the previous version have also been fixed and the general stability has been improved.

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Merlin Project for iOS 5.1.11 Is Released

News about Merlin Project

After some back and forth the version 5.1.10 for the iPad and the iPhone is now also available in the App Store – but in this case as version 5.1.11.

The reason for the delay was the beta version of iOS 13, which is unfortunately still very unstable at the moment. Since Apple has already offered this version to many users as public beta, we had to find a way to support both iOS versions, the stable old one and the buggy new one.

In this context we recommend once again: Do not use beta versions in a productive environment!

With the release, everyone on iPad can finally use the new features:

  • Resources can now be created by dragging contacts from the Contacts app onto Merlin Project.
  • File attachments can now be created by dragging files from the Files app or photos from the Photos app onto activities in Merlin Project.

Of course a few issues have been fixed as well:

  • Date cells in net plan cards sometimes showed unreadable duplicate text.
  • The height of Gantt bars can now be reduced down to 2 points.
  • The content of some user-defined fields could not be edited.

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What Is My Ip Address?

News from the Support team

The best thing about Macs is that things work simply, nicely and silently. You do not really need to know much about macOS operating systems, computer architectures, file systems, application interfaces or protocols. You just use your applications and be creative. This applies to Merlin Project, Merlin Project Express and Merlin Server as well.

You can let Merlin Project for example publish project structures to the Calendar and have them synced among various devices. You see it accessing Contacts for the resources. You can get it to mail reports to project stakeholders, share your project to a Merlin Server, and sync edits of other users into one file seamlessly. It all simply works like a charm!

Occasionally though, a bit of technical understanding comes handy to you.


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