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Merlin Project Integrations

Get things done with Things


Do you use task planning software, or to-do apps, to organize your thoughts and tasks - from everyday errands to life's biggest goals? Apps like Things and Omnifocus also help project managers micromanage to plan their day and work efficiently toward goals. Of course, the tasks that need to be done in the project should also be included.

It is therefore obvious to send activities from the project plans of Merlin Project as tasks to Things. But also transfer tasks from Things as activities to Merlin Project. The free AppleScript developed for this purpose enables easy data exchange between the two programs. In this way, the two programs complement each other perfectly.

There is also a free AppleScript for Omnifocus users to exchange tasks with Merlin Project. If you use TaskPaper for creating your to-do lists, you can download a free AppleScript from us as well.

Merlin Project Integrations

Create Quotes and Invoices For Your Project With GrandTotal


Merlin Project offers a perfect exchange with other programs. No matter where the data comes from, with Merlin Project you almost always have a way to transfer it. The same goes for exporting.

If you use GrandTotal to create quotes or invoices, you can copy the required activities of your project plan and paste them into the GrandTotal document.

Our support article describes how to do this.

Posted by Stefanie Blome on April 8th, 2021 under merlin-project
Tags: integrations grandtotal collaboration

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