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Merlin Project Integrations

Quickly link information with Hook


As an experienced project manager, you are well aware. Even if project management is universally applicable, every industry is different, no two projects are alike. Therefore, you surely are familiar with the following situation too:

You are working on a new project and need information from various sources. Your search on the intranet or internet is sooner or later successful and you actually find everything you need for the planning of this project. Now you want to keep sources and documents together for documentation purposes, or your own filing system, so that you can find them again as quickly as possible at any time. What to do?


Posted by Vicky Stamatopoulou on September 14th, 2021 under Products
Tags: integrations hook collaboration

Merlin Project for architects and engineers

Keep a digital construction diary


Merlin Project is the perfect solution for architects and engineers. With project management software you can create and track construction schedules for all your construction projects. With Merlin Project you can also do more. Construction documentation and construction diaries are no problem.

Thanks to annotations, you'll keep complete documentation and logging on your construction projects.


Posted by Antoni Cherif on June 7th, 2021 under Products
Tags: construction-diary comments notes collaboration

Merlin Project Integrations

Keep In Touch With Project Stakeholders Using Daylite


Merlin Project integrates perfectly with a wide range of applications. You get data in various formats? With Merlin Project, you almost always have a way to adopt them. Export is similarly easy.

Do you use the software Daylite for customer relation management (CRM) in your company? Do you manage your contacts, appointments, emails, workflows and even documents there?

Combine the strengths of Merlin Project and Daylite. With the MerlinDayliteLink, developed by our partner LGO Knowledge, this is easy. Do your planning in Merlin Project, send your activities as tasks or appointments to Daylite and assign them to Daylite contacts.

Read more in our support article ...

Posted by Stefanie Blome on May 25th, 2021 under Products
Tags: integrations daylite collaboration

Merlin Project Integrations

Timeline 3D Gives Projects A New Perspective

Timeline 3D

TimeLine 3D creates timelines that can contain texts, graphics, hyperlinks and annotations. The software helps with many tools to place the content. Historical and chronological events can be presented in a graphically appealing way.

Many project managers also use this software to realize special display requests and to create timelines of the project's progress. The free AppleScript sends project data from Merlin Project to Timeline 3D.

Posted by Stefanie Blome on May 12th, 2021 under Products
Tags: integrations collaboration timeline-3d

Merlin Project Integrations

Project Management With Elephant Memory Thanks To Evernote


Who has a memory like an elephant, except the elephant itself. You organize your notes, documents, pictures, links - almost your whole (working) life in Evernote? You'll be happy to know that you can link these Evernote notes to your projects, activities, resources and attachments in Merlin Project.

One way is to copy the Evernote link into any text field in Merlin Project. Read how here.

Or you can use our free AppleScript for an automated link. You can find the download in our support article.

Posted by Stefanie Blome on May 5th, 2021 under Products
Tags: integrations collaboration evernote

The Merlin Project Magic on the Mac and iPad

Gantt chart, Kanban and mind map on Mac and iPad. Test now 30 days for free.

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