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Merlin Project Integrations

Quickly link information with Hook


As an experienced project manager, you are well aware. Even if project management is universally applicable, every industry is different, no two projects are alike. Therefore, you surely are familiar with the following situation too:

You are working on a new project and need information from various sources. Your search on the intranet or internet is sooner or later successful and you actually find everything you need for the planning of this project. Now you want to keep sources and documents together for documentation purposes, or your own filing system, so that you can find them again as quickly as possible at any time. What to do?

Typically, as a Merlin Project user, you will add more detailed information as Attachments. You know that you can define attachments anywhere and at any project line. You have documents which are important and binding for the project in their current state, you can add them to the project via Insert > Attachments > File. In order to get the information about the attached documents quickly, it is enough to select their attachment line and use the options of the File inspector.

Did you obtain special information for your planning from an Internet link? Record its URL by simply calling Insert > Attachments > Information from the menu for a selected line and specify the Internet source in the inspector under the URL field.

An efficient way to create and hold links is offered by the Hook app. Merlin Project 8 users are now able to exchange links with Hook much faster - not only to project files but also to specific lines of a project.

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Posted by Vicky Stamatopoulou on September 14th, 2021 under Products
Tags: integrations hook collaboration

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