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Merlin Server: Transferring installation

Merlin Project Support

You are using Merlin Server for sharing your documents? Then you already know how to install, configure it and share your documents.

But what if you have a new mac and want to transfer your existing installation there?
Which is the recommended way, you might wonder.

First of all you need to know, there is no automated way.

To move your Merlin Server to another mac:

  • Start by asking your Merlin Project users to unlink their projects from the old Merlin Server installation. They do so as explained here.
  • Then you go to your existing Merlin Server installation and switch to its 'Sync > Documents' area.
  • Drag all documents from there into a folder (you may use a desktop folder).
    This extracts the Merlin Project documents from that server.
  • Stop the Merlin Server Sync service
  • On your other Mac, install Merlin Server from our website.
  • Install your Merlin Server license there.
  • Start the Merlin Server Sync service.
  • Insert a 'Remote Management Passwort…' in 'Sync > Documents' area.
  • Drag the files of the old Merlin Server from the folder into the 'Sync > Documents' area.
  • Complete all other configuration settings you might had made on your other installation which derive from the defaults.
  • Insert any required publishing accounts.
  • If using an SSL certificate on your old installation, insert it on your new installation as well.
  • Now your Merlin Project users have following options:
    1. They can re-subscribe from the new Merlin Server installation and work from now on with new local copies. They can afterwards delete the unlinked documents.
    2. They can call 'File > Merlin Server > Link with existing Merlin Server' and select the files of the new Merlin Server for each local unlinked document they had from the old Merlin Server installation. This action will not create new local copies.

Note: In case your Merlin Project users failed to unlink their copies from the old Merlin Server, they can still perform this action later on. They do so after you complete configuring the new server, and re-link afterwards.

The steps above can be considered best practice when moving your Merlin Server to another mac.

Posted by Vicky Stamatopoulou on February 7th, 2018 under Products
Tags: merlin-project merlin-server support macOS

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