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Unlinking Server Documents

Merlin Project Support

You are using Merlin Server for sharing your documents? Than you know how to handle sharing and subscribing.

In some cases (for example in a new Merlin Server installation) it is necessary to separate your local copy from a Merlin Server. This is called ,Unlink…'.

As you launch Merlin Project and open a shared document, this menu option is available via ,File > Merlin Server > Unlink…'

Your local copy is still available but separated from the server document. It will not be synchronized any more to or from the server.

This is easy, but what if you are using master and multiple sub-projects?

To unlink the master and the sub-projects from a Merlin Server:

  • Open the master first.
  • Repeat following steps for each sub-project.
    1. Select the sub-project's row in the outline.
    2. In the inspector select the ,Plan > Sub-project' drop down menu.
    3. Select the according file from the drop down.

      The selected sub-project will open in a new document window.

  • Close the master project.
  • Switch to each of the separate sub-projects and repeat following steps.
    1. Call the ,Unlink…' menu option.
    2. Save the document.
    3. Close the sub-project.
  • Open the master again
  • and finally call the ,Unlink…' menu option.
  • Save the master document.

Above steps are required to unlink a combination of master and sub-projects from a Merlin Server Sync service.

Posted by Peter Meier on January 31st, 2018 under Products
Tags: merlin-project support merlin-server macOS

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