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You have a question or need support? We are always available for you by e-mail and will answer at short notice.

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In order to understand your question correctly, following information is important for us.

General information:

  • Which Merlin version are you using?
  • Which device: Mac, iPhone or iPad?
  • Which version of operation system (macOS, iOS) is installed?

Additional information:

  • Where did you get our app? Over our website, App Store, somewhere else?
  • Did you start the trial and is this still running?
  • Did you activate a subscription or purchased a license file?

More information in case of an issue or a crash:

  • Please describe your last steps before the error occurred.
  • Is it reproducible when you repeat your last steps?
  • Is it only occurring when you work with a specific project file?
    Send us a copy of the project file for us to check. You may obfuscate it previously.
  • Send us screenshots, for example those of error messages.
    Pay attention to send the images in a readable size and use original size with Apple Mail.
  • In addition, send us the support profile which can easily be generated via Merlin Project's help menu. (Not available for Merlin Project Express.)

Please understand that we cannot offer telephone support.

Posted by Peter Meier on December 12th, 2016 under Internal
Tags: merlin-project merlin-server merlin-project-express support

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