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Contact support

You have a question to our support or need some help? We are always available for you by e-mail and will reply shortly after, provided it is still during our working hours (and we have really long ones ;-)

In order for us to understand your question correctly, following information is important.

General information:

  • Which Merlin is it? Merlin Project, Merlin Server, Merlin Project Go, Merlin Project Express?
  • Your macOS or iOS?

Additional information

  • Where did you get our app? Over our website, App Store, somewhere else?
  • Did you start the trial and is this still running?
  • Did you activate a subscription or purchased a license file?
  • Which Merlin version is it?

More information in case of an issue or a crash:

  • Please describe your last steps before the error occurred.
  • Is it reproducible when you repeat your last steps?
  • Is it only occurring when you work with a specific project file?
    Send us a copy of the project file for us to check. You may obfuscate it previously.
  • Send us screenshots, for example those of error messages.
    Pay attention to send the images in a readable size and use original size with Apple Mail.
  • Send us in addition a copy of your support profile. Not available for Merlin Project Express.

But please understand that we do not offer telephone support.

Project Management with a bit of Magic!

Merlin Project combines traditional methods with Kanban.