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Are trade shows still relevant today?

Trade fair planning with Merlin Project

Trade fair planning with Merlin Project)

Finally they can take place again: fairs and exhibitions. The world's leading trade show for industrial technology, the Hannover Messe, has just ended, and the ARCHITECT@WORK trade show is taking place in many cities and countries. Every industry has its own exhibition and the dates for this year have already been set. But are trade fairs really still in keeping with the times?

Despite digitalization and the availability of online marketing tools, trade shows are still an important way for companies to present their products and services and attract new customers. They offer the opportunity to make personal contacts, build relationships with potential customers, get valuable feedback and insights into the market and the industry, and the trade press is also on hand as a multiplier.

In addition, trade fairs also provide a platform to learn about the latest trends and developments in the industry, find out about the competition and make valuable business contacts. Expositions also often offer the opportunity to meet experts and industry leaders to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

However, companies need to ensure that they plan their participation in trade shows well and use the budget effectively to achieve their goals. With proper preparation and implementation, trade fair participation can still be a valuable marketing tool for companies to increase their brand awareness and attract new customers.

Important aspects of trade show planning

There are some important aspects to consider when planning to exhibit at a trade fair.

Define goals

Before you participate in a trade fair, you should define clear goals of what you want to achieve at the trade fair. Do you want to strengthen your brand, attract new customers or meet existing customers? If you clearly define your goals before the trade fair, you can align your strategy accordingly.

Planning your trade show booth

The trade fair booth is your business card at the exhibition. A professionally designed and appealing booth can charge the attention of visitors. Make sure your booth clearly shows who you are and what you offer. Also, consider what materials and technologies you plan to use to showcase your product or service.

Assemble a team

Make sure you have an experienced and qualified team that is capable of reaching out to potential customers and showcasing your products or services. You should also make sure that your team is well informed and able to answer questions from visitors.
Create marketing materials: You should create various marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, and flyers to distribute during the trade fair. These materials should clearly and concisely present your company and products or services.

Our support recommends:

With good planning and implementation, trade show are still a valuable way to present yourself, attract new customers and make contacts. Merlin Project can help you with your trade show planning. Use one of our free templates to not forget anything for the perfect trade show appearance.

Plan follow-up

It is important to have a follow-up plan to contact prospects after the trade fair. Be sure to create a list of prospect contact information and schedule an appropriate time to follow up with them.


Trade fairs provide a great opportunity to make contacts and expand your network. Make sure you take time to talk to other companies and industry professionals and make new connections.

Consider costs

Trade shows can be expensive, so set a realistic budget and consider costs in advance. Also plan for potential expenses such as travel and lodging.

Trade show planning with Merlin Project (example)

We have compiled an example project plan for your participation in a trade fair. It consists of 3 phases, which are created depending on the exhibition date.

Trade fair planning

Download the project plan

It is important to update the project plan regularly and ensure that all activities in the plan are aligned with the objectives and budget. Successful trade show participation requires careful planning, effective implementation, and thorough follow-up.

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