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The mobile manager - Part II

Merlin Project on the iPad - Views

Congratulations, you are not only a Project Manager, you are a mobile manager!

We've already established what an awesomely challenging job you have. You juggle with execution, planning, and closure of projects. You keep track on your deliverables so they ideally stay on time, budget, and within scope. You need to be completely hands-on but also flexible to react promptly and accurately on professional demands. You might already know, how Merlin Project on the iPad was developed to serve your professional requirements.

Allow us to introduce you to some more features of Merlin Project you as mobile manager need to know.

1. Concentrate on the Gantt

Do you need to concentrate on the Gantt of your activities on the iPad? Tap twice on the outline and select Hide Outline.

Concentrate on the Gantt of your project on the iPad

2. Overview and Manage Assignments

Do you need to manage and overview assignments on the iPad?
Switch to the view Assignments > Work Distribution. It will list your resources and you can show or hide more details to their assignments.

Overview and manage assignments of your project on the iPad

3. More Detail on the iPad

Do you need to see various aspects of your planning on one iPad screen? Tap the Detail button and select the views you need.

More Detail on your project on the iPad

4. Work on Detail View on the iPad

Elements on Detail view are as functional as in the main area. Just tap twice on a row to Insert a Comment for example.

Work on Detail view on your project on the iPad

Posted by Vicky Stamatopoulou on May 12th, 2021 under Products
Tags: merlin-project iOS iPad

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