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It's Merlin Project's 15th Birthday!

Happy 15th Birthday

This week we can't get out of celebrating. First we released version 6 of our popular project management software on November 5th, and today is the 15th birthday of Merlin Project.

Our little wizard has grown up quite a bit! He speaks 6 languages and has travelled a lot. Customers in more than 140 countries and different industries use our flexible app to plan, control and monitor their small and large projects.

Release Dates of The Different Merlin Versions

The individual versions differ not only in design and user interface, but also provide practical functions:

  • Merlin 1: It all started with this version!
  • Merlin 2: Network functionality, iPhone and web sharing, Merlin Server came with version 2.5
  • Merlin Project 3: Complete new development with perfected user interface, improved views, mind map and organization chart, powerful reporting system, content filter
  • Merlin Project 4: Private and public workspaces, patented synchronization, Merlin Server
  • Merlin Project 5: Resource pool, groupings, kanban, new style editor, iPad version
  • Merlin Project 6: Dark mode and new start screen

Like every birthday child, Merlin Project is looking forward to many congratulations on Twitter, LinkedIn, XING or by e-mail.

Are you a true Merlin fan? Write us which of your favorite projects you have planned with Merlin Project. There's a Merlin Project fan box beckoning!

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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