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Advantages Of Subscription

Subscription on time

Merlin Project is available in the App Store. The App Store is great for purchasing and handling all subscriptions. Since its introduction a few years ago, subscriptions have become more popular than individual purchases, are gaining more and more supporters.

However, there are also some skeptics and subscription opponents, a negative attitude towards this licensing model remains persistent. Wrongly so, because the subscription model has many advantages for buyers, for manufacturers, and for the quality of the product. You can find out which exactly these are right here.


Our Price Guarantee

Neues über Merlin Project

A brief information about our pricing policy:

The price for an existing, uncancelled Merlin Project subscription always remains the same - even if we raise the price for new customers.

You only get this price guarantee with us!

Posted by Frank Blome on January 5th, 2022 under Internal
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