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Merlin Project supports various forms of visual project management. Most people have heard of a Gantt chart. The Gantt chart is the most common visual representation for projects. But Merlin Project can do more. Find out exactly what it is and what it's good for in the blog post below.

Why Visual?

Last week you could learn more about Kanban. The Kanban Board is a very good example of visual project management. It is a project board organized by columns on which the work in the project is displayed. Each column represents a work phase in the project. Such a visual project management simplifies the work on projects for all participants. Complexity is reduced to a minimum and the graphical representation makes an abstract issue easier to understand.

Structure Plan

Structure plan, also called WBS (Work-Breakdown-Structure), is one of the best known visual representations of projects.

Gantt Chart in Merlin Project

Through the Gantt-Chart or also called bar chart, each project is represented in a simple and clearly understandable way. All information such as duration, work, dependency and much more can be seen directly graphically through shapes and colors. With the zoom function and also the collapse of task groups, project planning can be perfectly mapped thanks to the bars, milestones and dependency arrows.


Under the collective term "Network" you will find various graphical representation of a project in Merlin Project. These so called views are:

View 'Network - Organigram'

All of the above, except Kanban, specialize in graphical presentation of the interconnectedness of tasks. They visualize the hierarchies of tasks and thus provide you with a clear overview for planning.

Our support recommends!

Try out the different views in Merlin Project. This allows you to view your projects from different angles. Each view gives you a different insight into the project. Depending on your desired requirement, you are guaranteed to find the right view in Merlin Project and increase your effectiveness!


Visual project management is an excellent and understandable way to graphically represent your projects.

Each of the above forms of visualization is responsible for working and mapping different aspects of the project, it depends on you what exactly you want to look at in the project.

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