iPadOS: Upgrade Your iPad With a Keyboard

iPad with keyboard and trackpad

Your Mac hardware came of age? The PC your company provided had to be returned and you would like a personal device on your premises? You have iOS devices and love their ease of use? Your printer supports AirPrint already?

This could be the day when you might consider not buying yet another PC or even a Mac and to go all-in for the mobile solution.

What if you simply upgrade your iPad by adding a keyboard or a pointing device?

With an iPad you are free to work from anywhere you like.
With a keyboard you can type as much as you need.
With a trackpad you can point and click as you would do on a laptop.
With your favorite apps which most of them are available as iOS versions, you can do all those things you would do on a laptop.

Would you like some help to the question, which apps from the AppStore satisfay which need?

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