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Merlin Project x

The website is one of the oldest online publications for architects with an affinity for Apple.

Started by Anthony Fausto-Robledo in 1999, architosh is the world's number one online resource for architects and engineers working with Apple hardware.

AEC / BIM / 3D / CAD / Merlin Project

At everything revolves around architecture, engineering, AEC, BIM, 3D, CAD but also construction management.

Merlin Project is a recurring topic at architosh. After all, project management is one of the everyday tasks of architects and engineers.

We have already reported on the topic of architecture and engineering in the following articles. The latest article on fits perfectly into the list of "Merlin Project x Architecture".

The Merlin Project Magic on the Mac and iPad

Gantt chart, Kanban and mind map on Mac and iPad. Test now 30 days for free.

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