Architects are project managers

And project management a part of architecture

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Architecture is a complex discipline with many demands on architects.

Your job as an architect is not only to conceptualize and design a building. There are a multitude of regulations and laws that must be followed. The many trades must be built by different and specialized companies. In addition, the work must be coordinated with other planners, such as structural engineers, engineers for technical building equipment and representatives of manufacturing companies.

In addition to these tasks, there is also the compliance with regulations and requirements of the building and environmental authorities. There are so many things that you as an architect are no longer only the master builder but also the project manager.

This brings us to a very important aspect in modern architecture: project management. Here, in fact, all the above-mentioned points must be interlinked and organized in terms of time. In addition, adherence to the budget and costs on the construction site are of enormous importance.


As an architect, you can include all these points in Merlin Project and thus always keep an overview of your projects, taking into account all the trades, planners and companies involved, as well as the associated costs, and control and adjust them as necessary.

After all, every construction site and every construction project is different, planning and execution are very dynamic. By creating a construction schedule your job isn't completed. Continued tracking of operations, milestones, and all resources in the construction project and during execution are a must for successful completion while maintaining cost items.

Merlin Project provides you with these capabilities to always be up to date. Even when managing the construction with the help of an iPad, all important information can be kept up to date in the Gantt chart. That's why countless and well-known architecture firms worldwide recognize Merlin Project for its reliably and effective management of all their construction projects.

Use styles to make your projects match the office look, adjust colors, fonts and font sizes, always share construction schedules in the best quality as PDFs, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project files. Get started in your office today with the best project management for your Mac and iPad.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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