What Can I Learn From The Book "App Store Confidential""?

App Store Confidential

Immediately after the publication of the book App Store Confidential by Tom Sadowski, Apple gave the book a big boost by filing dissuasions. Reason enough for me to order the book and read it almost in one go. After all, I am also represented in the store with Merlin Project. And if there is a possibility to learn something in the App Store business, I am always there.

I was particularly interested in the chapter "How do I get featured?". Just because we have never seen Apple promote us with Merlin Project before. Probably project management software is not sexy enough. By the way, this is a fate that many app vendors share with us, while individual vendors are permanent guests in the recommendation lists. But I digress.


Posted by Frank Blome on February 27th, 2020 under Project Management
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