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Merlin Project: Use Dependencies, Remove Static Dates, Stay flexible

Merlin Project Support

With Merlin Project you are free to plan your project in any way you find it more suitable. You can plan in Work breakdown with Gantt, as a Mind Map, a Kanban board. Just pick the view you need and customize it to your needs.

While Mind Map is not focusing on time constrains, when viewing the Gantt of your project, you are interested in its scheduling. So you might already intuitively dragged the activity's bar on the Gantt to fix it to a specific time frame, or entered dates in the Given Start column or the Plan inspector.

And we have to admit, there is nothing wrong about that, other than the manual work you are putting into these actions of setting static date constrains and loosing flexibility.

How to stay flexible for scheduling changes in the future?
The answer is easy; use Dependencies

  • Merlin Project offers following Dependency types: End to Start, Start to Start, End to End, Start to End
  • Dependencies can be combined with a lead or a lag.
  • You can define Dependencies graphically, enter the Predecessor's (or Successor's) number in the according outline column, use the inspector, or the Link toolbar icon. Read here more…

Converting a static scheduling into a flexible one

Let's consider following sample project.


Posted by Vicky Stamatopoulou on February 8th, 2021 under Products
Tags: merlin-project support dependencies

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