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E-Mails for Project Managers

Yesterday was another one of those days… 250 e-mails in my inbox. Yes, in one day! Of course 75% of it was spam. And even if you use's spam filter – which actually works very well – you will always find that a mail slipped into the wrong folder from time to time. This triggered an interesting discussion: Is the e-mail still relevant for the project manager, or have Slack & Co. already taken over all the tasks? But first let me take a closer look at the subject of e-mail.

How is email written correctly?

One of my favorite discussions ;-) When I skim our website, I find at least two versions: eMail and e-Mail. But what is correct? Internationally it is a bit difficult. Here the use of email or e-mail is roughly balanced. As usual, the Duden has a clear opinion for the German-speaking area: E-Mail.


Posted by Frank Blome on April 25th, 2019 under Project Management
Tags: communication merlin-project

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